Personal Care Services for the Disabled and Seniors

Homemakers and Companions Services

• Assist with activities of daily living such as:
      - Light housekeeping
      - Bathing
      - Grooming
      - Dressing and clothing selection
      - Meal preparation
      - Toileting
      - Transfers and positioning
      - Mobility
      - Accompanying client to doctor and other appointments
      - Picking up medication prescriptions
      - Medication Reminders
Homemakers and Companions Services in Rocky Hill CT 06067 - We provide homemakers and companions for seniors and disabled individuals. Call now to find out more!• Perform home chores such as:
      - Helping with personal errands
      - Washing dishes and putting them away
      - Cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting
      - Changing linens and making beds
      - Doing laundry and ironing
      - Cleaning stoves, microwaves and refrigerators
      - Emptying the trash
      - Grocery shopping
      - Assisting with pet care
      - Watering and caring for houseplants
      - Planning meals, shopping for ingredients and preparing future meals
• Provide friendship, socialization and support including:
      - Visiting with the client
      - Responding to the client's requests
      - Helping with correspondence
      - Participating in activities, such as community events, games and hobbies
      - Reading to the client
      - Renting and playing movies
      - Accompanying the client to religious services
      - Visiting neighbors, friends and relatives
      - Monitoring the client's diet and eating
      - Checking foods in the home for expiration dates
      - Helping the client keep a calendar
      - Arranging appointments and providing appointment reminders
      - Organizing the client's mail, and paying bills
      - Organizing closets
      - Answering the door, overseeing home deliveries and home maintenance
      - Assisting with wake-up and nighttime routines
• Document care and observations as directed by the client's plan of care
• Assist with range-of-motion exercises

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