Personal Bathroom Assistance

Personal Hygiene Assistance

A decline in cognitive and physical capacity is often accompanied by changes in personal routines that relate to hygiene.  Elders sometimes struggle with safely completing tasks that used to be simple – getting in and out of bed, toileting, washing up (bathrooms are often the place in the home posing the greatest risk of falls),changing clothes and laundry.

Seniors with dementia frequently resist these tasks or forget to perform them.  Families become disheartened seeing Mom or Dad’s hygiene degenerate.  Poor hygiene may also have negative social implications for the elder.  We can help by providing assistance and encouragement in helping seniors accomplish these tasks regularly and safely to keep their person and home environment hygienic.  We do this by providing patient and attentive service for the unique needs and personality of each person we serve.


  • Prompt and encourage personal hygiene tasks
  • Help with morning and evening routines around waking and going to sleep
  • Stand by assistance for bathing, toileting, teeth brushing, shaving, etc.
  • Laundry and changing bedding and linens
  • Help selecting clothes and assisting proper dressing
  • Fall prevention assistance
  • Communication with families around client’s hygiene habits and important changes


  1. Improved personal cleanliness and appearance
  2. Lower risk if sicknesses and conditions related to poor hygiene, e.g. rashes, infections, cold, flu, etc.
  3. Lower risk of falls and other injuries


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