Live-In Services for the Disabled and Seniors

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Live-in Home Services Companions from PHAACS

Live-in service is best suited for individuals who require more than eight hours of service daily, but do not necessarily require 24-hour service.  This flexible, cost-effective option is exercised by many when living with family is not a viable option. 

Live-in service broadly appeals to individuals for whom a nursing home is not desirable and for those seeking short-term respite services.  Live-in help is available to suit the client’s needs – on their timetable; a companion is with the client 24 hours per day which provides peace of mind to clients and their families alike.

Some Benefits of Live-in Services:

  • Improved client nutrition
  • Improved client safety
  • Improved medication management
  • Improvement in socialization
  • Improved client movement and exercise
  • Decreased stress for client and family members

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